Europe is the source of many technological innovations and, recently, there have been a number of start-up companies, financed by various venture capital sources, that have sprung up in a variety of European countries. In order for these companies to become world class operations they must participate in the single largest market for high technology products and services - North America.

MEB International offers its European clients a bridge to this North American market, and the initial impetus to successfully penetrate the market in the long term. We can operate as the North American subsidiary's virtual CEO for the first 6-18 months of its existence.

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MEB International offers the following services:

  • Working with a legal firm to incorporate the US subsidiary
  • Developing the first year operating plan and the five year strategic plan
  • Setting up an accounting system in cooperation with an accounting firm
  • Interviewing, selecting and managing the sales channels
  • Identifying and hiring the long-term CEO for the subsidiary
  • Putting together a business plan to obtain venture capital financing
  • Performing introductions to US venture capital sources